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Since 1997 our company has been devoted to the mission of improving business environment in Georgia by supporting business and defending its legal interests throughout every level while considering each clients individual traits and needs, along with state legislation. This can be asserted by a list of numerous clients that still maintain business relationship with our company. Providing our clients with quality service and assuring complete satisfaction is a goal of the company’s highly qualified hardworking personnel. Our main advantages are complexity of services and previous year’s wide experience that can provide clients with a superior quality services in different fields, such as finance, fiscal issues, appraisal, consulting, management and business planning.


The founder and the head of the company "Georgian Audit" is Mr. Berdo Khutsishvili. He is an certified auditor in General, Banking, Insurance and stock market, state funds and investment institutes’ audit. He is also certified by “Expertise Institute for Valuation of Assets of Georgia” as a real estate appraiser. Mr. Berdo Khutsishvili specialises and is highly skilled in the following fields:

• Consulting in fiscal affairs, tax management, optimization and administration;
• Audit and accounting theory (lectures, lecture courses);
• Internal audit (operations and management administrative audit);
• Management and financial accounting;
• Financial expert in the energetic field;
• Management of bank assets and liabilities; credit examination and control of debtors financial and economical condition;
• Business plan development and business consulting;
• Investment projects examination and analysis;
• Property appraisal – certified appraiser of real estate.

He has participated in 1997-2000 international audit examination of Georgian national bank’s 1996-1999 financial years along with international audit company “KPMG”.

He has held a leading position in revenue service and has been the face of the conducted reforms’ in 2000.

For years Mr. Berdo khutsishvili has been a lecturer in the 3-rd level of professional accountants’ certification process. He has published a text-book of audit fundaments.

Also, he was an invited specialist of 2002-2003 parliament’s temporary investigations committee to fight corruption. In 1999, he has participated in the examination of Georgian chamber of control’s 1996-1999 financial and economical activity, along with Georgian parliament’s committee’s active groups.

Company’s director, Marina Kshutashvili is also a certified auditor in general, banking, insurance and stock market, state funds and investment institutes’ audit.
She specialises and is highly skilled in the following fields:

• Banking, stock market, insurance and general audit;
• Consulting in fiscal affairs, tax management and optimization;
• Banking operations and bank activities;
• Accounting in accordance with international standards;
• Managerial and financial accounting;
• Property appraisal.

Also, in 2003-2004 she has participated in the international audit examination of Georgian national bank’s activity for 2002-2003 financial years, along with the international audit company “Ernst & Young”.
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